Coloring is an activity that requires good coordination between the hands and the eyes. At first, toddlers will scribble all over the paper, which is normal. However, as kids practice and grow, they will start coloring the forms only inside the lines. So, slowly but surely, kids will develop their coordination and begin coloring the pictures inside the paper and even inside the lines. As for kids, coloring can bring many benefits, from developing their motor skills to learning how to coordinate. For the type of worksheet, parents can start from sports coloring pages to animals’ worksheets. With sports coloring pages, kids can learn the names of the sports they might not know before. This applies to other kinds of worksheets too. Therefore, parents need to give different types of sheets each day or week. The more various the worksheets are, the more they will learn. Our collection includes illustrations of multiple sports: baseball, basketball, football, golf, ice skating, and more! It also has pictures of famous athletes such as Michael Phelps and Serena Williams. Download these free printable coloring pages today! Our easy coloring pages are suitable for all ages and can be printed on any computer. The cute drawings will help you relax and spend your time with fun. Color in the pictures, add new colors or make them brighter, fill in the areas to create your pictures, and have a lot of fun!