About Easy, Smart Learning Education (ESLE)


Envisioning education as an easy, smart learning journey for all children and their parents.


We want to make a 360* shift in the mindset of all those involved in the process of education where learning becomes a joy and a great time-spending stage of life, and everyone has access to innovative learning tools, resources, and opportunities. Our easy, smart learning education is a world of possibilities — all that’s required is the curiosity and drive to learn. At *else.io*, we are committed to empowering all parents, regardless of the part of the world they are in or what their expertise in this field is. The most important is that they want to learn, grow, and make an impact on their children.

What we do

We are offering a great variety of resources, such as hundreds of coloring pages, educational games, e-books, videos, and tutorials to help develop arts, math, reading, problem-solving, and literacy skills. We believe all our resources will shape the mind of any learner to brighten their future and the future of others.

Target groups

Parents and children of all ages are the main clients who will benefit from the categorized resources on our website. All our resources were developed to best suit the needs of parents and to take the pressure off them or on anyone who may be looking for easy and smart learning education.